Data Registry

The Data Registry is an online space that helps different organisations working towards a common goal to use data collectively.  It differs from open data portals in the following ways:

  • First, it provides tools and spaces to agree and share data standards that are needed to collect data needed for collective action
  • Second, it focuses on supporting the creation of administrative level data standards.  This ensures that data is collected as part of an administrative process, is validated as part of that process and is already disaggregated
  • Third, it provides a way to share data collection apps that use these data standards, providing organisations with a ready to use app that collects data in a comparable way
  • Fourth, it provides data governance tools that allow organisations to control what data they do and don’t share within the collective
  • Fifth, it provides data analysis tools that make it easy to extract and aggregate data for collective use

We have built a prototype Data Registry that we use internally.  Our partnerships with government and NGOs help guide how to further enhance the Data Registry as we work towards the vision of shared apps and data managed and used by networks of organisations working together towards common goals.