Webinar: Creating custom MEL apps for your programme


Are you struggling to find the right MEL software to support your programme?

We’ve never had so much choice over MEL software to support our work.  However, despite this choice the options available focus largely on two areas - tracking qualitative indicators or surveys.  What are your options if your programme’s MEL plan doesn’t fit either of these options well? 

If you’re looking for something more flexible then join us for a webinar on the Kwantu platform.

Monday 6th August: 3pm (South African time) / 2pm (UK time) / 9am (EST)


Webinar overview

  • How the Kwantu platform can be used to create custom MEL apps.  These use powerful workflow and user roles to define any data collection, validation and usage process that you need.
  • Creating one or more apps that interact and share data with each other
  • Tackling complex problems like double counting or managing data quality in a decentralised programme
  • Using the reporting engine to aggregate and consolidate data from any form in any app to export this as XLS or as a JSON feed that can be pushed into another application
  • Examples of both simple and complex apps created using the platform
  • Overview of the process for creating your own custom app

Join the webinar

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