Data object component

The data object component is used to create the data model and view models for any forms needed on your community.  While some systems use the same data model for all forms (hiding and changing the labels for fields), BetterData allows you to create a unique data model for each form that you need.  This gives you more flexibility when it comes to using that data to generate reports.

The data model is determined by the fields that you need on a form.  However, it can also include fields that are calculated, populated by an external application or auto-populated from data in another app in your community.  Once configured a data object can be used in one or more Apps on your community.


The labels, help text and validations for each field can be defined in multiple languages.  BetterData will detect the language settings of your browser and only display the form in the matching language (if available).  This enables you to translate forms (at once or over time) to be in multiple languages simultaneously.

Multiple form views

Each data object can have one or more form views.  Different views of the same form allow you to choose which fields are hidden, locked or editable as different users interact with the same form.  This gives you more control over how people can interact with the form.


Elements define the data model and functionality for each field on the form.  Some of the elements available include:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date or time
  • Email
  • Repeat structure
  • Calculated fields
  • Radio buttons

Each element can also have validations defined.  These determine which data can be entered.  Fields can initially be defined as required or optional, with a validation error message specified to guide users as to the response needed.  If defined as required then the following additional validations can also be set:

  • Equal to
  • Greater than equal to
  • Less than equal to
  • Minimum number of characters
  • Maximum number of characters
  • Must be an email address
  • Must be a number
  • Must be a date

Elements can also include a duplicate check.  This can be used to ensure that other data with the same value has not already been saved in the app.


Following are some screenshots of the indicator set component.