Community Scorecard App Webinar


Learn about using community scorecards across a large programme

This webinar walks through two apps created to manage community scorecards, a process to engage citizens in monitoring the quality of service delivery.  These apps are used in three large-scale programmes in Mozambique operated by N'weti, CESC and the Citizen Engagement Programme.

The facilities app helps each programme manage a unique list of schools, health facilities or other facilities.  The app may also include surveys to track data on facility infrastructure and services.

The scorecard app records citizen generated data on the quality of services provided by each facility.  Programmes can complete several scorecards for each facility to track changes over time.

Data from the apps are consolidated into Excel reports or may also be displayed on charts for visual analysis.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 15th May at 2pm UK time / 9am EST

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