Client assistance tracking app

This app maintains a unique register of clients.  Within the app you can record any interaction with the client or conduct a service standards survey.  The register of clients can also be linked to other apps to track how clients are assisted by projects or their relationship with farms or institutions.


Maintain a unique register of clients

The app checks the South African ID number of new clients, first to check that it is a valid number, then to check if that client already exists in your database.  Additional checks can be done against the Home Affairs database.

The data of birth and gender are calculated from the ID number to save on data entry.  Your team can use the device camera to photograph the ID document and client, to provide audit-able evidence.

Track client interactions and satisfaction

The app also includes a client interaction form which tracks requests and allows different team members to record their response.  A post interaction survey tracks the client's satisfaction with the service received.

Link clients to projects, farms or institutions

Clients may be linked to projects, farms or institutions, building up a record of your interactions with the person.  This enables you to see at a glance if the same client has been involved in different projects and in which capacity.