Technology for Visualising Monitoring and Evaluation Data

Which would you prefer to look at?  A never-ending list of numbers or an interactive chart that shows the same data visually?  

Presenting data visually can help you quickly see patterns and predict trends.  It can also be a powerful way to tell a story with your data.

Are you interested in using technology for visualising monitoring and evaluation data but not sure where to start?

This slideshow looks at using technology for visualising monitoring and evaluation data.  It looks at where to start and suggests appropriate technology for different levels of ability.

This presentation is based on one that I gave to the Tech Change Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation Diploma class recently.

Let me know if there are other tools you find useful.  I'd like to follow-up with a longer resource list and would welcome your suggestions.  Visualisation is an exciting area, but also time-consuming.  Remember to start small and keep focused on what you need to achieve.