12 free monitoring and evaluation courses

Got some free time and want to build your knowledge and skills on monitoring and evaluation?  Here are 12 free monitoring and evaluation courses that you can take to increase your expertise.  Maybe one will give you to insight or confidence to advance your work to the next level?

Click on any of the links below for more background on the course and how to take part.  If you know of other courses to include, please let us know in the comments below.

1. Designing and Implementing Monitoring & Evaluating Systems - Aga Khan Foundation

2. Performance Management for NGOs and Community-Based Organisations - HREA

3. M&E Guidelines for Sex Workers, Men who Have Sex with Men, & Transgender Populations- National Level - MEASURE Evaluation 

4. M&E Guidelines for Sex Workers, Men who Have Sex with Men, & Transgender Populations-Service Delivery Level - MEASURE Evaluation

5. M&E Frameworks for HIV/AIDS Programs - MEASURE Evaluation

6. Economic Evaluation Basics - MEASURE Evaluation

7. Data Use for Program Managers - MEASURE Evaluation

8. Data Quality - MEASURE Evaluation

9. Monitoring & Evaluation of Malaria Programs - MEASURE Evaluation

10. GIS Techniques for M&E of HIV/AIDS and Related Programs - MEASURE Evaluation

11. Data Demand and Use - MEASURE Evaluation

12. M&E Fundamentals - MEASURE Evaluation

We've also put together a comprehensive list of every monitoring and evaluation course that we can find (free or not), so if you don't see something useful here then take a look at our training page with the full list.  You can also get free email alerts when we find and add new courses.