Municipal Performer Apps

The following apps have been designed to serve the needs of municipal and provincial government in South Africa.  They are available to use immediately for one fixed monthly cost with no ongoing commitment.  All apps work offline and are linked to both an integrated reporting tool and a shared data registry to support transversal reporting.


Ward app

The ward app helps ward councillors and committee officials to track issues affecting citizens in their ward.  It summarises issues raised by citizens and those representing them.  Councillors can see which activities municipalities, districts and provinces take to resolve problems affecting citizens.  The app also summarises key demographic data for the ward.

Issue tracking app

The issue tracking app enables citizens and organisations representing them to log issues that relate to the quality of public services.  Issues are assigned to public bodies responsible for dealing with them.  The app tracks the status of the issue and relays updates as the public body responds to the issue.

Activity tracking app

The activity tracking app enables public bodies to record activities that respond to one or many related activities.  Activities track actions that public bodies take to resolve issues raised by citizens.  The activity tracking app communicates with the issues app to update the status of the issue, as well provide a summary of actions taken to resolve them.

Performance app

The performance app is designed to make reporting against annual performance plans faster, easier and more accurate.  It enables you to manage a shared library of indicators, which are linked to specific annual performance plans.  Different users may be assigned responsibility to report against different indicators, while you keep track of the overall progress.

Client assistance tracking app

This app maintains a unique register of clients.  Within the app you can record any interaction with the client or conduct a service standards survey.  The register of clients can also be linked to other apps to track how clients are assisted by projects or their relationship with farms or institutions.

Project tracking app

This app tracks projects from the nomination process from district upwards.  As the project progresses you can record and track key information related to the project business plan, project implementation plan, and report performance against it.  The app enables you to upload documents and images related to the project.

Institutions app

This app maintains a unique register of institutions or organisations.  These may be linked to projects to track which partners are contracted to implement a project or which small businesses or other partners are benefiting from a project.

Farms or land app

This app maintains a unique register of farms or land.  The location of the farm or land is geo-coded to support use in geographical information systems.  The app has built in surveys to track crops and livestock produced on the farm.