Mobile participant attendance App

This application is designed to help organisations or programmes that need to manage attendance for thousands of people on a daily basis that are based at multiple locations.


The app is available as native Android or iPhone apps. It is built on HTML 5 and uses a server-side facial recognition API to compare recorded images against reference images.

Smartphone application

  • Native Android and iPhone applications
  • Offline data storage capability
  • Synchronises with server when Internet available
  • Time and attendance
  • Tracks time and attendance for a group of participants
  • Group manager can verify presence or absence by name or reference photo of participant
  • Time and attendance data relayed to Payments App to manage participant payments

Biometric verification

  • Client side facial detection
  • Server side facial matching against reference images
  • Flags low probability matches to system administrator

Output tracking

  • Group manager can record outputs at group level for each day
  • Outputs are linked back to the Management Information System app for reporting

Resource tracking

  • Group manager can allocate tools and other resources to a participant
  • Allows for check-in and check-out to track allocation


  • Integrates with Participant management app to receive data on workgroup participants for each site
  • Payments app to provide data on participant attendance for payroll purposes
  • Management Information System app to receive data on outputs produced by each group