Start using a generic App today or create your own custom App that does exactly what you want


Custom Apps

Many organisations have commissioned us to create custom Apps.  The following are some examples.

Generic Apps

Generic Apps are designed to meet a wide range of needs.  Adopt one into your BetterData community and start using it.  Consultancy available to customise to your needs.

Project tracking - tracking projects, including budget, expenditure and monthly progress against deliverables

Farm registry - creating a registry of farms that link to other apps

Participants - creating a registry of participants involved in a programme

Properties - managing a list of partners

Participant waiting list - managing participants on a waiting list for housing

Events - planning events and tracking attendance

Publications - track process of producing new publications

Research - track process of carrying out research

Capacity building - track process of planning and delivering capacity building

Training - track process of planning and delivering training