Service Delivery Management App

The service delivery management app enables public bodies to record activities that respond to one or many issues raised by citizens.  Activities track actions that public bodies take to resolve issues raised by citizens.  The app communicates with the issue tracker app to update the status of the issue, as well as provide a summary of actions taken to resolve them. This ensures citizens are kept updated on the progress of their issue.


Decentralise and coordinate your response to citizen’s issues

You can set up profiles in the activity tracker app for each of your business units. Each business unit can define which types of issues it will respond to and also set a service level for both response and resolution time for each type of issue.

Each business unit can include one or more programmes that correspond to different areas of work. People working on that programme are assigned responsibility to create and manage activities. As new issues are added in the issue tracker app they appear in the relevant business unit.

Staff working on that business can then link the issue to an existing activity or create a new activity. Since one activity can be linked to multiple issues, staff can easily manage large numbers of related issues.

Focus on managing your activities and the app will keep citizens updated

It’s very time-consuming to give feedback on the status of requests and issues. The activity tracker app saves you time by doing this for you. As you update the status of each activity (indicating how far along it is or if it has been completed), any issues linked to the activity are also updated. This way if one activity is tracking progress fixing a power outage, 60 linked issues reporting the same problem will all be marked as completed once that activity is completed. The people reporting those issues will all receive an alert when the activity is complete asking them to provide feedback on the service received.

Set and track service level agreements

Providing good service to citizens requires transparency and accountability. The service level set by each business unit for each type of issue can be published in one document. Citizens logging an issue will also see the response and resolution deadline associated with the SLA for that type of issue.

The App can also generate reports tracking progress against service level agreements. These can show which issues have been reported and if they were resolved within the SLA for that type of issue.