Activity Tracking App

The activity tracking app enables public bodies to record activities that respond to one or many issues raised by citizens.  Activities track actions that public bodies take to resolve issues raised by citizens.  The activity tracking app communicates with the issues app to update the status of the issue, as well provide a summary of actions taken to resolve them.


Start a new activity

Each unit or team within a public body can start an activity to track actions they take to resolve one or more issues affecting the quality or availability of services for citizens in a ward.  Activities may be linked to larger projects that are initiated to resolve them.  Or to citizens affected by the issues.

Activities include comments and notes that are added as officials work on them.  They also include a status for each activity, making it easy to track when they are concluded.  Each activity can also update the status of issues that the activity is related too.

Review the status of activities

Units responsible for a series of activities are prompted to review their status each month.  The activity list is summarised into one page, making it easy to add comments on progress and update the status.

View the status of all activities

A high level dashboard provides an overview of all activities assigned to the unit.  This helps each unit keep track of the service level that they are providing and monitor trends over time.