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Consultancy to document your programme processes

Process Mapping is our methodology for analysing and documenting programme and operational processes in a clear and simple way.  We can offer two-day workshops to:

  • Document activities you carry out to implement your programmes (like training, capacity building or home visits)
  • Key stages that you follow in your activities
  • Data collection needed for management, learning, monitoring or communications and advocacy at each stage
  • Reports needed to aggregate and analyse data
  • Indicators needed for monitoring and evaluation

This approach addresses data quality issues at the source and provides a comprehensive Process Manual with detailed data collection tools for your field staff to use.

We offer a growing knowledge base of documentation on operational processes that can help improve your work.

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Configurable software to manage and monitor your programme processes

BetterData is a web and mobile-based performance management platform that makes it easy to plan, manage, monitor and learn from your operational processes.

Configure BetterData to automate your programme or operational processes and link them to your monitoring and evaluation framework.  We can implement your process as a custom App in BetterData.  This includes:

  • Profiles to gather data for each site or facility
  • Workflow to guide field staff through each stage of implementation and escalate to managers for sign-off
  • Custom forms to collect data at each stage of the workflow
  • Custom reports to analyse and aggregate data
  • Logframe tool to track and monitor indicator data from your processes

We have a library of pre-configured BetterData Apps that you can use to monitor and manage specific processes.

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